An analysis of the network administrator for a 2000 user network

Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific job duties and job requirements. Network Administrator Job Responsibilities:

An analysis of the network administrator for a 2000 user network

Your analysis criteria should look like this: In the Selected Columns section, you can reorder the columns in your analysis by clicking and dragging them.

Click the Results tab. The default Compound Layout is displayed. The Compound Layout is a composition of many views. By default, both a Title and Table view are defined for you when using attribute and measure columns. A Pivot Table view is automatically created when using hierarchical columns in your analysis.

The Title view allows you to add a title the defaulta subtitle, a logo, a link to a custom online help page, and timestamps to the results. The Table view displays results in a standard table. You can navigate and drill down in the data.

An analysis of the network administrator for a 2000 user network

You can add totals, customize headings, and change the formula or aggregation rule for a column. You can also swap columns, control the appearance of a column and its contents, and specify formatting to apply only if the contents of the column meet certain conditions.

In the Compound Layout, you can create different views of the analysis results such as graphs, tickers, and pivot tables. These are covered in this tutorial going forward. Filtering, Sorting, and Saving Your Analysis This topic demonstrates how to filter, sort, and save the analysis you have created above.

You will add a filter to the analysis and then save the filter. Filters allow you to limit the amount of data displayed in the analysis and are applied before the analysis is aggregated. Filters affect the analysis and thus the resulting values for measures.

Filters can be applied directly to attribute columns and measure columns. A filter created and stored at the analysis level is called an inline filter because the filter is embedded in the analysis and is not stored as an object in the Presentation Catalog Catalog.

Therefore, an inline filter cannot be reused by other analysis or dashboards. If you save the filter however, it can be reused and is known as a named filter. Named filters can also be created from the global header. Perform the following steps to filter, sort and save the previously created analysis.

Click the Criteria tab. To do this, click the drop-down list for Value, and click the desired check boxes. The Filters pane displays the newly created filter.

Click the More Options icon in the filters pane and select Save Filters. The Save As dialog box appears. A filter must be saved to a subject area folder so that it is available when you create an analysis using the same subject area.

If a Confirm Save Location dialog box appears, accept the default. Oracle BI EE allows you to save any type of business intelligence object to any location within the Catalog. The Save As dialog box should look like this: The Filters pane should look like this: Next, you save the analysis so that you can verify the creation of your named filter within the Catalog.

Click the Save icon to save your analysis. First you create a folder named Regional Revenue. Click Cancel to exit Save As dialog box. Click the Save icon.

Verify that the Regional Revenue folder is selected. The analysis is saved to the catalog folder Regional Revenue. Click Home in the global navigation bar. The analysis is added to the Favorites list and a Favorites icon displays next to the analysis name.

Click the Edit ink for the Regional Revenue analysis.ParSCORE v Training Workbook Module 1 – Introducing ParSCORE Introduction • Windows , NT, or Server (for Network/LAN versions) The system administrator tasks are to grant and remove user accounts and set up the Default Grading Criteria.

• Perform needs analysis, effort assessments etc. • Ensure the monitoring of the network infrastructure. – Skills & Endorsements. Join LinkedIn to see Calin’s skills, endorsements, and full profile Network Administrator at GT Group / GT Intermodal / GT Container Services.

Jean Massicotte. FOR teaches the tools, technology, and processes required to integrate network data sources into forensic investigations, with a focus on efficiency and effectiveness. Today we will be talking about network administration principles.

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We will be looking at flood guards, AX, we will be looking at rule based management, firewall rules, root protection, implicit deny, log analysis and a few other topics.

This topic covers creating a new analysis by using the Analysis Editor. In the global header, click New, and select Analysis.; The Select Subject Area pop-up appears. A subject area contains columns that represent information about the areas of an organization's business or about groups of users within an organization.

Smaller IT departments generally give the system administrator position a wider scope of responsibilities, and in some organizations, a sysadmin may need to support everything from end user desktop computers, to the organization's local area network, wireless LAN, voice over IP phone system and hybrid cloud storage.

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