B737 ng flight control system engineering essay

Automatics The original purpose of the glareshield panel was to put the most important warning lights in the most attention grabbing place. The glareshield panel is the only thing at eye level, so the fire panel was put there. From left to right you have a rudimentary master caution system above or cargo fire below ; autothrottle above ; flight director and fire panel.

B737 ng flight control system engineering essay

In Feb the first order was placed and the project went ahead.

737 Commercial Transport

The has since become the best-selling commercial aircraft in aviation history. Here are some statistics which illustrate its success: The Boeing is the best-selling commercial jetliner in history, with, as of Januaryorders for almost 14, aircraft from B737 ng flight control system engineering essay.

Over 9, s have been delivered. With approximately 6, airplanes in service, the Boeing represents a quarter of the total worldwide fleet of large commercial jets flying today.

Guinness World Records acknowledged the as "the most-produced large commercial jet" in aviation history. More than airlines in countries fly the On average, one takes off or lands every 2 seconds. The DC-9 was about to fly, the One-Eleven was well into its flight test program and the Caravelle had been in service for 5 years.

They had some catching up to do. As a result of final design talks with launch customer Lufthansa the capacity was increased tobut the range and load factor figures still stand. Sitting at his desk one day, Sutter took some scissors and cut up a drawing of the initial design for the which also had a T-tail with aft mounted engines.

He began moving the engines around to find a better layout. But putting the engines on struts under the wing like the would block boarding access to the main cabin door on the shorter fuselage of the Instead of mounting the engines away from the wing on struts, why not mount them hard against the underside of the wing itself?

The weight of the engines also provides bending relief from the lift of the wings. The disadvantage of wing-mounted engines was that the size of the fin had to be increased for engine-out operation over centreline thrust aircraft.

Also, due to the reduced ground clearance, the engines had to be almost an integral part of the wing, which in turn necessitated a short chord. The engines extended both forward and aft of the wing to reduce aerodynamic interference further improved by the longer tailpipe of the target thrust reversers in and the straight top line of the nacelle formed a "stream tube" aka streamline flow over the wing to further reduce drag.

Initial worries about the low mounted engines ingesting debris proved unfounded, this was demonstrated by the Boeing B whose inboard engines are lower than the 's and had been in service for four years without significant problems. The final wing was a work of art as the specification required both good short field performance and economy at altitude.

A further advantage of the wing-mounted engine design was its commonality with earlier Boeings such as the His major contribution to the project was to use as much of the in thein particular the fuselage cross section.

This gave not only cost savings in tooling commonality but also the payload advantage of 6 abreast seating, one more than the DC-9 or BAC and allowed it carry standard sized cargo containers on the main deck. This together with its large hold capacity, gave it scope for using the aircraft as a freighter, a role to which many of the older 's are now being converted, whilst the competitors are being scrapped.

History, Development & Variants of the Boeing

The in turn had a similar commonality with theso parts of the can be traced back to the early 's eg the fuselage cross-section above the floor.

Using off-the-peg components was quick and cheap for both design and production and also helped pilots and engineers convert to the new type, but they also dated the aircraft, a feature which was never really addressed until the NG's 30 years later.

On 19 FebBoeing announced the after an initial order of 10 from Lufthansa, who became the first foreign airline to launch a US airliner. Assembly started in the summer of First Flight The maiden flight of the was on 9 Apriljust two years after the project launch.Sep 12,  · Flight and ground spoiler deployment on landing: Spoilers / Speedbrakes.

Flight spoilers (2 -1/2/3/4/; 4 -NG’s) augment the ailerons and are powered by hydraulic system A (inboard) & B (outboard). Spoilers will continue to operate with speedbrake deployed. Ground spoilers are also from hydraulic system A.

Boeing certified and delivered the first three Next-Generation models in less than one year. The to seat was launched in November and first delivered in December The to seat was launched Sept.

B737 ng flight control system engineering essay

5, The Iron And Steel Essay, Driving Simulator For Applications In Human Adaptive Mechatronics Engineering Essay Pre Bored Steel H Piling System Engineering Essay The Art Of Teaching Or Teaching To Test: The Struggles Administrat. The Adv mode control panel has remained virtually unchanged through to the NG’s.

The differences between this Adv MCP and the + MCP are: The FCC is the brains of the Digital Flight Control System (DFCS) and like any other computer, its software is being improved (and debugged!) all the time.

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B737 ng flight control system engineering essay

EMERGENCY DESCENT • This maneuver is designed to bring the airplane down smoothly to a safe altitude, in the minimum time, with the least possible passenger discomfort.

Mar 08,  · Truly Interactive NG Systems Software. Highly accurate system models with full interactivity.

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