Church as institution and church as

I make these predictions. First, I predict that a visitor unfamiliar with the Church of Christ may be wondering, "Whatever is he talking about? Third, I predict that many of our thirty- and forty-year-old adults think that phrase has a familiar ring to it. Fourth, I predict that everyone over fifty who grew up in the Church of Christ immediately assigns a meaning to that phrase.

Church as institution and church as

We have not been our own best publicists, often the focus it seems only of scandal or, at best, controversy in the secular press. None fit at all comfortably in the rough-and-tumble of the second decade of the twenty-first century.

Some of our institutional systems are in the midst of a train wreck of internecine quarrels and others have almost ground to a deathly halt as resources dry up in the ecclesiastical desert of a post-Christian world.

Many of my colleagues these days, and not a small number of church-goers and ex-church-goers all around have become quite jaded about the institutional Church for these and a host of other reasons.

One way of thinking about the institutional Church falls into dualism: The question this line of thinking leaves us with is an uncomfortable one: Then why have an institution at all?

Another way sees the institution as the Church writ large, with all of its powers, walls, and boundaries clearly delineated and illuminated by doctrine, tradition, and practice.

The Church as institution becomes its own glorious, but more often ignominious end. The mission becomes rebuilding and preserving the institution as we see it, which is little better than mere survival.

Surely we are not in the business of resuscitating a corpse. Resurrection is something else altogether. So with those two dubious understandings of the institutional Church before us, where do we go from here?Is the position of a paid pastor truly biblical or something that men have created?

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This Q&A shares a Biblical answer to the question "Should the institutional church exist?". The Church as Institution "The Church has a visible and social structure as a sign of her unity in Christ." Vatican II: Constitution on the Church in the Modern World: CHURCH LAW Code of Canon Law Code of Canon Law IntraText version Code of canons of Oriental Churchs IntraText version.

Real Church is a people Movement called out to follow Jesus on his Kingdom mission. Biblical "church," therefore, is not some building that you "go to." You and I either are the Church or we are not.

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"The local church consists of nothing more than the Christians who make it up.". Apr 04,  · I often rail against the institutional church and advocate for a simple church model (or house church, organic church, what have you).

Church as institution and church as

That is fine and dandy but what exactly is the institutional church anyway?Author: The Voice Of One Crying Out In Suburbia. An institution is a social mechanism for making a desirable experience easily repeatable. An institution is where life-giving human activities can be nurtured and protected and sustained.

Some aspects of life should be unscheduled, spontaneous, random.

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