Discovering psychology tma03

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Discovering psychology tma03

Some of the actions you, as a soldier, may be told to do could go against what you feel is the right thing to do.

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Would you be able to refuse? Stanley Milgram conducted research to ascertain to what extent people would follow instructions and under what circumstance.

Background Stanley Milgram pioneered research into obedience, his motivation being the question, does our level of obedience account for the atrocities which mankind exhibits, especially during times of war? Milgram sought to understand this and devised an experiment to find out what levels of obedience occurs in an average man given the right conditions, how much harm will one person inflict on another when told to?

To establish this, an experiment was conducted at Yale University in A volunteer, one of 40, was instructed by man in authority, wearing a laboratory coat, to administer an electric shock to another presumed volunteer for every incorrect answer to a memory task.

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The maximum voltage that could be inflicted was a potentially fatal volts. No one predicted that anyone would go that far.

Discovering psychology tma03

Of the original variation, Milgram writes, as cited in Milgram on Milgram: Many participants were very distressed during the process and the experiment bordered on disturbing to reviewers, yet this information has been invaluable to further research the role obedience has, in this case, the armed forces.

The role obedience has during times of war Cited in Milgram on Milgram: And necessarily one must give up a degree of individual judgment if these larger systems are to work efficiently.

He was later found to have instigated the infrastructure, found guilty and hanged. Milgram has shown us that given the right conditions that is exactly what an otherwise moral human being will do.

The comparison between the experiment and a real life situation under war time conditions can be made.

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When faced with a moral dilemma, that being whichever decision you make goes against other principles you may live by some meet a direct order which has been given by authority, which one has been trained to obey or at the least respected and not follow your own self belief and moral compass?

There is also evidence, that we cannot be blamed for our actions as argued by David Mandel cited in Banyard P This is believed to be as a result of loyalty to their perception of the cause and to stand together in what must have been a tidal wave of finality.

References Milgram on Milgram: Part 1 Obedience experiments Video. Part 2 Obedience experiments Video.Tma03 Milgrams’ study of obedience and its relevance to the conduct of soldiers at war Summary The armed forces rely on orders being given through the chain of .

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