Extensionless url rewriting asp net gridview

I have some links on my homepage http: After clicking one of these links and going to page with rewritten URL, my test link href changes to "http:

Extensionless url rewriting asp net gridview

If you don't want "foo. However, managing Routing Tables is a little tedious and most WebForms folks aren't used to the concept and don't want to invest the time. I've also heard a number of ASP. Let's solve both these problems with a new ASP.

NET feature just pre-released today in alpha form on NuGet.

extensionless url rewriting asp net gridview

If you've been paying attention to ASP. NET for the last few months you'll recognize this incremental useful but appropriately sized forward motion as being all part of the One ASP. NET 4 version so. NET 4 folks get love too. You'll need to "Include Prerelease" packages with -pre from the command line or via the dropdown in the UI.

Be sure to read the readme. Routes ; Here's the cool part. If I hit one of my existing links, like Contact.

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Just by adding the one package and calling routes. ASPX extensions and gets reasonable defaults. FriendlyUrls Advanced Sample Get it? Ok, let's dig into some of the obvious next questions and some more advanced scenarios. How do I get values out of the URL?

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I'm used to Request. Form, but how do I get ahold of these URL segments? Be aware of the magic. If there was a If there was a file called Bar. So, we used Foo. I can get the segments out like this:Jun 18,  · This 'feature' is not compatible with the 'default content page' feature of IIS6 either.

It will cause an extensionless request to enter initiativeblog.com twice – once with the proper rewrite to the default content page, and once with the original URL and handled by DefaultHttpHandler. Feb 28,  · Thanks for the reply, I have created my own URL Rewriting HTTP Module and it works seamlessly under IIS by registering under the configuration section.

If you run a site using the Visual Studio development web server all requests will be handled by initiativeblog.com so your HttpModule will run.

extensionless url rewriting asp net gridview

On IIS6 this should not happen unless . Handling initiativeblog.com PostBacks with URL Rewriting. When I use Gridview, its going back to original URL, not the rewrited one. Have you tested that also.

Shail - Tuesday, April 3, AM; I do not know how I have to resolve the css files. The option with the ~ does not works in and the option to use an absolute link is a hack, in my. Sample URL Rewriting Scenario For the purpose of this blog post, I'm going to assume we are building a set of e-commerce catalog pages within an application, and that the products are organized by categories (for example: books, videos, CDs, DVDs, etc).

This article describes a complete solution for URL rewriting in initiativeblog.com The solution uses regular expressions to specify rewriting rules and resolves possible difficulties with postback from pages accessed via virtual URLs.

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