Gujarat and sanfrancisco earthquake essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Gujarat and Sanfrancisco Earthquake Essay Sample The aim of the enquiry is to find out what the factors were, which led to more people dying in the Gujarat earthquake inthen the San Francisco earthquake in The Gujarat earthquake started at 8:

Gujarat and sanfrancisco earthquake essay

For several days immediately after the earthquake I surveyed damage and geologic effects caused by the temblor to document effects of the earthquake that were not well covered in the media.

This photo essay offers some observations on the damage that occurred throughout the San Francisco Bay area Photos The San Francisco Bay area is located in one of the most seismically active regions of the world, where the North American and Pacific plates collide Atwater, Most of the stress across this tectonic suture is accommodated by right-lateral motion, although a compressional component is reflected in the continuing uplift of the California Coast Ranges.

Over time, the collision of the Pacific and North American plates has caused recurrent earthquakes separated by periods of relative seismic quiescence. The Loma Prieta earthquake is the latest in a series of destructive earthquakes that have rocked the San Francisco Bay area during historic times Table 1.

Hundreds of aftershocks were recorded during the weeks after the earthquake. Partially collapsed house, Los Gatos, California. It is a logarithmic scale based on pi where an increase in magnitude of 1.

Gujarat and sanfrancisco earthquake essay

An intensity of VIII is defined by considerable damage, including partial collapse, to ordinary buildings and fallen chimneys. An intensity of XII describes total destruction.


Later that night the only light visible in the city of San Francisco was from the fire raging in the Marina district. Sixty-seven people were killed by the direct effects of the earthquake and hundreds of others were injured. The estimated cost of earthquake-related damage ranges from five billion dollars to more than ten billion dollars.

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Most of the damage, however, was concentrated in relatively few areas and much of the Bay area was relatively unscathed. Damage was generally limited to locations near the epicenter, where ground shaking was severe, and to areas underlain by poorly consolidated deposits or artificial fill, particularly where ground settling and liquefaction occurred.

Structural Damage Hundreds of buildings were damaged in the city of San Francisco. The affected buildings were located in several districts. The worst impacted area of the City was the Marina district. Thirty-five buildings in this area were destroyed and about in others were structurally damaged.

The area is underlain by sand fill emplaced after the Panama Pacific Exhibition in Many buildings on landfill in the area south of Market Street were heavily damaged and some will be demolished.

Liquefaction of fill in the Mission district also damaged some buildings beyond repair.

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Scattered damage occurred in the Richmond, Sunset, Haight, and other districts, but generally damage was less severe than in areas underlain by man-made fill or unconsolidated deposits. Closer to the epicenter severe ground shaking caused extensive damage. In Santa Cruz, virtually the entire downtown mall and several hundred houses were either severely damaged or destroyed.

Many homes were flattened in the nearby Santa Cruz mountains. In Watsonville and Los Gatos major damage occurred in both downtown and residential areas.

Stanford University sustained structural damage to a number of buildings including Geology Corner of the Quad. Collapsed and structurally compromised buildings were also reported from Gilroy, Hollister, San Jose, and Oakland. Damage to chimneys, sidewalks, roadways, and parking lots was widespread throughout the Bay area and in some places damage was severe.

The most lethal and best publicized catastrophe was the collapse of the Cypress structure on Interstate in Oakland. In addition, a portion of Highway also collapsed and severe damage to structural supports occurred on several other elevated highways.

Collapsed chimney and fireplace showing total destruction of masonry but little structural damage to the wood-frame house. Car crushed by falling bricks from a masonry building. Causes of Damage Usually, earthquake-related damage can be attributed to fault rupture, severe ground shaking, landsliding, or liquefaction.

Only the latter three occurred at several locations in the Bay area during the Loma Prieta earthquake.Earthquake San Francisco- On the morning 12 past San Francisco suffered a major earthquake that killed people, the earthquake lasted for about 40 seconds and was recorded at on the Richter Scale.

the earthquake is being replicated at the national level and at the state level in other states including setting up of disaster management authorities and enactment of bills etc. The approach and process of Gujarat earthquake reconstruction is now being looked at as a model.

San Francisco Earthquake: Impact and Reconstruction Essay - At a.m. on April 18th, , the California city of San Francisco was awoken by a magnitude earthquake.

Chaos erupted with the earthquake leading to fire break outs throughout San Francisco (Cameron and Gordon. Earthquake of Essay; Earthquake of Essay.

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Words May 5th, 8 Pages. The earthquake of San Francisco was the largest geologic disaster known to the nation at the time it occured. giving reasons why the Gujarat earthquake was so . San Francisco–Oakland earthquake of , also called Loma Prieta earthquake, major earthquake that struck the San Francisco Bay Area, California, U.S., on October 17, The strongest earthquake to hit the area since the San Francisco earthquake of , it caused 63 deaths, nearly 3, injuries, and an estimated $6 billion in property damage.

The Loma Prieta earthquake is the latest in a series of destructive earthquakes that have rocked the San Francisco Bay area during historic times (Table 1). The epicenter was located on the San Andreas fault roughly 56 miles south of San Francisco in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

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