How does dry ice work

Place the Dry Ice on the inside of the dent if possible. Use heavy gloves and press flat sheet against dent. If it is not possible to get on the inside concave part of the dent, then using heavy gloves hold the Dry Ice so a corner can fit into the bottom lowest part of the cratered dent. Hold the Dry Ice until the metal is frosted at least 2 inches beyond the dent.

How does dry ice work

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How does dry ice work

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Magic F/X specializing in creating unique LSG Cold Cryo Flow special effects, Low Smoke Generator low crawling fog, low lying smoke C02 blast Jets - . Dry ice does not last very long, even in an approved dry ice cooler. You should expect to replace the ice or have your cooler’s contents thaw out after about a day.

You should expect to replace the ice or have your cooler’s contents thaw out after about a day.

How does dry ice work
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