How to write a resume info graphic examples

Not many fields allow for potential employees to directly demonstrate their work-related skills with the resume itself.

How to write a resume info graphic examples

Resumes People love infographics because our brains are wired to respond to visual storytelling. Images grab our attention. A great infographic uses those images to tell a story and inspire you to share that story with others. The magic of infographics can even make your resume more engagingwhich is just what you need to get noticed in a competitive job market.

Revesencioa social media strategist and community manager, says her infographic resume has helped her connect with opportunities. Click thumbnail Do you need an infographic resume or is this just another hyped-up trend? We talked to dozens of candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers about infographic resumes.

Read on for our advice on using this job search and networking tool to your advantage. What Is An Infographic Resume? What exactly do we mean by infographic?

Infographic — An infographic takes a large amount of information in text or numerical form and then condenses it into a combination of images and text, allowing viewers to quickly grasp the essential insights the data contains.

The goal of an infographic is not just to look cool — it is to help viewers quickly engage with the material and understand the main points. The goal of a resume is also to engage the reader and tell your story quickly. However, in order to get results, an infographic resume must be designed well and used thoughtfully.

There are pros and cons to using an infographic resume during your job search. Stand out from the crowd Lauren Ferrara at Creative Circle recruits for some of the top advertising agencies in the world.

The competition for these jobs is fierce and she believes that a cleverly-designed infographic resume can get you the attention of the right people. Job seeker Bryan Lovgren has also seen what an infographic resume can do.

Her clients are looking for creative people and the infographic resume becomes another work sample.

how to write a resume info graphic examples

However, the infographic resume is not only for advertising creatives and graphic designers. As Senior Director of Corporate Marketing at DocuSignGregor Perotto hires for marketing positions and believes that infographic resumes can help marketers stand out in a crowded field.

Perhaps marketers face the same challenge as the cobbler whose children have no shoes. Take control of telling your story The infographic resume is not just an opportunity to show off your cleverness. You should be using your cleverness to tell a compelling story about yourself.

A picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, right? You can put the emphasis on the information that shows you are the best person for the job. Be a better networker An infographic resume can also be a very effective networking tool.

Share it with a new contact and it becomes a conversation starter. Make it something that people want to pass along. In fact, some professionals are opting to use infographics to create a cool online bio to use primarily for networking — and sticking with something more traditional when formally submitting a resume.

Todd Silverstein is the co-founder of Vizifya company that helps people create graphical bios to present their personal brands online.Start with contact info. The very first item to include in your resume is your full contact info. Include your name, phone number, e-mail address and any pertinent URLs, such as your online portfolio or website.

However, the infographic resume is not only for advertising creatives and graphic designers. A clever infographic resume can also demonstrate other strengths — including your marketing and branding expertise, your writing skills, your presentation savvy, and/or your knowledge of social media trends.

Whether you do your own resume design from scratch, hire a graphic designer, or use an infographic resume builder, you always have the final say as to how your resume looks.

The elements you include will be similar to a traditional resume format, but will be displayed more visually. Here are 9 stellar infographic design examples that will inspire your next project, Naturally, the infographic design is also a driving force behind the popularity of this graphic.

Its subtle use of texture, clear breakdown of sections, and overall sharp design show how to use a visual theme (e.g., weed) but not overpower the graphic. First, review examples of the resume type you’ve selected.

26 Best Graphic Design Resume Tips (with Examples)

Then, choose a template which you can copy and paste into a document, and then fill in with your own work history. Regardless of the type of resume you choose, aim to tailor your resume to the job you are applying to. The infographic or visual resume—which uses charts, icons, and other graphic design elements to show vs.

tell a person’s professional story—is the new darling of the recruiting world. A picture is, after all, worth 1, words.

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