Panera bread closest rivals

Rocky Alvarez June 18, If you are tired of visiting the same old eating establishments and are looking for something different and healthy, then you must take a drive to one of the many Panera Bread locations and see what you might have been missing. Eating there is a different experience than going to most other places. Sure a burger and fried chicken tastes great, but how good is it for you?

Panera bread closest rivals

The activity ratios show one of the strategies of PBC in quality and fresh food. The PBC's balance sheet shows a very insignificant inventory value.

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The solvency ratios and leverage ratios show the PBC's policy of not having long-term debt. In addition PBC presents a low rate of debt on assets, which speaks about many things; for example, how PBC is financing its growth, ability to continue growing, reliability for investors, etc. The profitability ratios show a good performance; this profitability has been maintained over the time, which does very attractive the running of PBC.

These ratios are in average similar to the performed during the last seven years. This shows a consistency, a good planning growth, and PBC policy and strategy execution according to PBC vision and strategies.

Rival restaurant chains Based on the information in case Exhibit 9, which rival restaurant chains appear to be Panera's closest rivals? PBC operates in the very competitive restaurant industry. PBC is one of the younger companies in the industry, which means it room for growth is still abundant.

PBC Bread differentiates itself from the normal fast food chain by offering a bakery and deli style sandwiches. PBC has found a distinctive niche in the restaurant industry enabling it to market to a growing costumer pool that wants better quality food. PBC has not only one major competitor.

According to the specific segment that we consider, PBC will find some competitor with a core development in this segment; if we move over the PBC businesses, we will find different degree of overlap with other chains.

To put the eyes in only one competitor could represent a strategic mistake. In the chill-out segment, Starbucks represents an important competitor; it has more that ten times more locations and around eight times more revenue. Starbucks has a strong abroad expansion policy and an excellent reputation for customers.

In the dinner segment, Applebee's has a strong position; it has the double of locations and a weak presence abroad. In comfort, family customers and customer acceptance, Cracker Barrel represents a risk; the business development is different for a fair comparison, but it has a huge revenues compared with the number of locations.

In addition, such as Exhibit 9 presents, many other chains could represent a by-side competitor, but not with an important overlap. They offer many important things to customer, they have an important market share, but their segment has a small overlap with the PBC core business e.

Panera Bread and needed strategies What strategic issues and problems does Panera Bread management need to address? Hence, the relationship between restaurant image, perceived value, and customer satisfaction is something that restaurateurs are keen to strengthen in pursuit of customer approach behavior i.

Particularly, the eight marketing activities i. The current shape of the economy could represent a threat for some chains or a huge opportunity.

Panera bread closest rivals

PBC has shown that it had in a very good position for taking advantage of the current economic period. Without long-term debt, continue and sustainable growth over the last seven years, high indexes of solvency, liquidity, profitability and activity. But this continuous growth is not exempt of problems, threats and potential improvements such as the SWOT analysis have shown [6].

At this growth rate, the human resources at management level could represent a future problem. The transmission of the PBC philosophy and principles could be diluted when the company has a huge expansion.

This dispersion represents a potential issue that PBC could early prevent with consistent human resources policies. In the desire of expansion, the distraction and alternative path could represent a problem for the management at PBC. Up to now, it looks that PBC has worked very well focusing in the right strategies and having a powerful methodology of evaluation and assessment; but with the continuous expansion, new opportunities appears that they also represent potential distractions.

Sooner or later, PBC will have a more aggressive and risky strategy for going abroad. This is a market that PBC is starting to develop with locals in Canada, but it looks that PBC is a step backward of its competitor is this area.

The franchise policy looks to have a lot of constraints, probably pursuing the high efficiency that has become a characteristic of PBC.Panera Bread is an American bakery-cafe fast casual chain restaurant.

Its menu includes soups, salads, pasta, sandwiches, and bakery items. Panera Bread Menu Nutrition Facts. Contact Us | Site Map | Privacy Policy and Terms of Use | © Panera Bread Foundation.


All rights reserved. Instead, go visit some Panera Bread locations and taste something a whole lot different. A sign of a good restaurant is when you just can’t wait to come back, and you have not even left yet.

Panera Bread Locations Tags: Panera Bread hours. Panera Bread Panera Bread stores in Rialto CA - Hours, locations and phones Find here all the Panera Bread stores in Rialto CA. To access the details of the store (locations, store hours, website and current deals) click on the location or the store name.

#Panera #PaneraBread @panerabread Oh my goodness. I am so happy that you are in Miami! There are also locations on Long Island, though they were a little distant for a time.

Such a pleasant experience, wonderful music today, outlets!!! Comfort, refills, um American Normalcy.^^. Night Baker - Weekdays $ Bonus at Panera Bread - Daly City in Daly City, CA.

Panera bread closest rivals

When you join Panera as a Baker, you join in our belief that food should not only taste good, but also be good for will be a part of something special where you will have the opportunity to connect with our amazing customers, impact our growing business, and most importantly serve local communities .

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