Peter and paul

The first structure to be built in St. Petersburg, and thus the birthplace of the city, it never served its intended defensive function. Instead it has had a rich, hugely varied, and sometimes sinister history as a military base, a home of government departments, the burial ground of the Russian Imperial family, the site of groundbreaking scientific experiments, and a forbidding jail that held some of Russia's most prominent political prisoners. Petersburg Museum of History, with a number of permanent and temporary exhibitions charting the various aspects of the compound's past.

Peter and paul

Peter and Paul 2 Peter 3: To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity. But they are also a reminder of the depth of our Peter and paul which has developed over the years. Our friendship began with a shopping trip to buy a pair of shoes while he was on furlough.

This led to a number of conversations related to biblical decision-making.

Our friendship grew over the months as we talked nearly once a week when Chuck called from prison where he was still incarcerated. Though only two words, they bring tears to my eyes or to his, and sometimes to both. In our text, Peter says only a few words about Paul, but I can assure you they are but the tip of the iceberg.

We could easily pass by them almost unnoticed, but we would be overlooking so much. Some time ago, a liberal school of thought sought to show that Paul and Peter were arch rivals, and that the New Testament must be understood in light of their polarizing conflict.

Our text might seem to put the final nail in the coffin of such a theory, but this is hardly the case. Our contention is that the Peter of the gospels is the author of both 1 and 2 Peter. Having come to the final verses of 2 Peter 2 Peter 3: We will seek to show that the Peter of the Gospels, and even the Peter of the Book of Acts, would not write the things concerning Paul written in these closing verses of his second epistle.

We will also see that Paul profoundly influenced not only Peter but the rest of the apostles as well, and that his ministry played a major role in the definition and declaration of the gospel from New Testament days until now. The Peter of the Gospels From the very beginning, tt was obvious that Peter would play a key role in the Gospels and a key role as a disciple of our Lord see John 1: Peter was one of the three in the inner circle of our Lord Peter, James, and John.

They were privileged to participate in things from which the others were excluded see Matthew One can hardly envision this Peter of the Gospels welcoming Paul into the circle of the apostles with open arms.

Peter and paul

While Peter is prominent in the first part of Acts, Paul clearly dominates the latter portion of the book. In Acts 1, Jesus instructed His disciples to wait until the promise of the Spirit had come before they left Jerusalem 1: It was Peter who took the initiative to fill the vacancy among the apostles by selecting a new apostle from those in their midst—from the candidates they put forward Acts 1: One cannot say with certainty the selection of Matthias was wrong, but one certainly can say that Paul had far more impact as an apostle than Matthias did.

In Acts 2, filled with the Spirit, Peter stepped forward to preach the sermon at Pentecost 2: In chaptersPeter and John are the dominant personalities among the apostles. A rift develops between these two factions of Judaism in Acts 6 due to the perception at least that the Hellenistic Jewish widows were getting second-class treatment compared to the native Hebrew widows Acts 6: When tensions reached the boiling point, the apostles were forced to intervene.

To devote most of their energies to the care and feeding of the widows was to fail to fulfil their stewardship as apostles. They thus charged the congregation of believers to select seven men of high character and ability who would oversee this matter, leaving the apostles free to devote themselves to the priority they had been given.

I believe the apostles did the right thing. They would have failed to fulfill their stewardship as apostles had they allowed the care of the widows to consume their time and energies. They were right to concentrate on prayer and the ministry of the word.

But it is ironic that the apostles were not on the cutting edge of fulfilling the Great Commission. The seven were chosen and appointed to oversee the care of the widows so the apostles could pray and preach the word.Peter T.

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Are only the writings of Peter inspired? Are only the writings of Paul inspired? Should I only accept Paul? The contrasts of Peter and Paul.

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Peter and Paul Catholic Church is dedicated to using its time, talents, and treasures to meet the needs of the family of Christ. Documents Youth Ministry Summer Calendar_ Saints Peter & Paul Parish is a vibrant Roman Catholic Community in West Chester, PA.

Join us for Sunday or Daily Mass to experience our rich history and be a part of our future! The mission of Saints Peter & Paul parish is to be a community of spiritually mature Catholics serving and leading people to . The locations we used, as well as the art, props, and sets, convey a remarkably palpable sense of what Peter and Paul's world would have been like.

If I had to choose a single scene, though, I.

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