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About enough power to manipulate chilliness Stage 1 boss. In Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, it was written that she was a type of yuki-onna. She is "fairly tall. According to Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, since this is equivalent to an ability that manipulates the winter within nature, she possesses tremendous power according to the environment, but she is pretty much powerless outside of winter.

Touhou project

Balance, Power, Skill, Gimmick: The four playable teams in Imperishable Night somewhat counts: The Boundary Team has the best coverage with homing attacks, but theoretically the worst damage. The hard-hitting Magic Team has Marisawho has stronger, but less spread-out shots, as the human, while Alicethe Youkai, shoots a strong laser that can hit multiple enemies.

They also have the Good Bad Bugsnicknamed by fans as MAlice Cannonwhich allows them to basically attack together at the same time for heavy damage.

The Scarlet Team is fairly balanced with a weak spread unfocused and decent concentrated damage focused and a bit of a gimmick with locked options while focused. Then there's the gimmicky Ghost Team, which reverses the usual setup, but making the attacks stronger than other teams.

It's the half-human Youmu who has the focused shots, while the Youkai side Yuyuko is the one with spread-out shots. Ten Desires works similarly: Reimu is nominally balanced with weak homing shots unfocused and strong needles focused, Marisa hits everything in front of her hard, Sanae is a pure spread type, and Youmu is even weirder here.

Youmu's unfocused options are ghosts that trail behind her, while her focused "shot" is a charge attack that will release a series of huge sword slashes. Back again in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom: Reimu is balanced with more or less the same shot type as above, Marisa is pure power, Sanae has the best coverage in the game, and Reisen is weird with low damage but a bomb that lets her spend most of the game invincible.

The Battle Didn't Count: Justified in that all the fights are technically exhibition matches, but Cirno is the one that starts looking beaten up and begging for a break as she whittles down Marisa's health, although Marisa does express surprise at how much effort she needs to go to against a "mere fairy.

Hopeless Masquerade is the first of the fighting games to feature this. Every single character, with Shou being the worst offender.

In Impossible Spell Card, Seija is being hunted by humans and youkai who are "cheating" by using spell cards that are considered impossible to dodge. In normal gameplay, you counter this with magic items that also let you "cheat", however, to get the highest rating, you have to forsake the artifacts and dodge the "un-dodgeable" spells on your own.

Every game except Highly Responsive to Prayers, the versus shooters and the fighters has at least one extra boss. In the phantasm stage, the extra boss reappears as a Mid Boss.

Where the extra boss hangs out. Usually restricted to before and after fights, but the final boss in Ten Desires is eventually accompanied by her flunkies, who start taunting the player while the fight is still going on.

Everybody gets these, even most characters from the side materials, and they're known to change as well.

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Head over to the Touhou Wiki for the full list. The notable exception is Junko, who despite being a Final Boss has no official title; her in-game profile simply says " Nameless Being " where her title would be, likely because she's purified herself of all identifying information.

Highly Responsive To Prayers has many elements of this. And the so far only Phantasm stage in Perfect Cherry Blossom. The Touhou games are a well known example of the genre, quite possibly even more so than Cave 's shooters, at least outside of Japan.

Mind you, Cave shooters are commercial, while Touhou is doujin. Also, in the fighting game Immaterial and Missing Power, you choose one specific spell card out of three for each of your life bars, and you cannot actually use them until you input a command to declare them.

Touhou project

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The 東方Project (Touhou Project/Project Shrine Maiden) is a series of doujin danmaku games featuring an all-female cast and is set deeply in Japanese Folklore.

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