Vectors thirty six aphorisms and ten second essays

Eventually moving on to the Hardy Boys and Tom Swift series, I would carry around a book the way younger children would hold onto a beloved blanket. My second crucial discovery came in seventh grade, when a lucky encounter with an abridged edition of War and Peace helped me take a giant step into the pleasures of reading adult literature. From then on, journeys into the internal worlds of characters rather than the quick thrill of external adventure fueled my reading habit.

Vectors thirty six aphorisms and ten second essays

Ultimately capitalism is about personal responsibility, ownership, and commitment.

Vectors thirty six aphorisms and ten second essays

That can be hard to swallow in an age that encourages entitlement. Ken Langone, the now-billionaire co-founder of Home Depot among other accomplishments, wrote a book titled, I Love Capitalism! Of course, he loves capitalism. Blacks and whites and browns and everyone in between.

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Absolutely anybody is entitled to dream big, and absolutely everybody should dream big. Show me where the silver spoon was in my mouth. Neither of them ever got close to graduating from high school. My mother dropped out in the seventh grade.

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And maybe you lower your sights, but you get on a ladder. There has to be something inside you to make you push. Langone had help along the way. His economics professor took him aside and told him that if he applied himself and work hard, he would talk to the other professors on his behalf.

What do I do? I think there couldn't be a more lonely existence to not have at least one person in your life, at any one point in time in your life, that you couldn't pick up the phone or you couldn't go see and say, "Hey, what do you think?

My father had a wonderful expression. He said if you want to have a friend, you got to be a friend. So maybe that fellow wants to take a step back and ask himself the question, what has he done to nurture those kinds of friendships and relationships?

Some guys who get wealthy like to brag about being self-made men. To make that claim, would be to commit a grave sin against all the many, many people who helped me get to where I am. He found work that gave him experience and trained him to better understand and expand his interests and talents.

I would look in the most superficial way at the companies whose stocks and bonds I was selling: I never truly understood how those businesses worked.

Supply and demand goes through everything in life. Without that lesson, I would have felt subservient toward these muckety-mucks, but with that lesson under my belt I felt completely equal to anyone I dealt with.As to the second question that we framed for this 25th anniversary issue, I greatly appreciate the sharing and instantaneous communication that the web provides. http://www.4sh -

When we started M/E/A/N/I/N/G in , there was no web and no personal computers. The Making of a Social Disease: Similarly, several of the essays in Peurs et terreurs face à la contagion, a collection organized by the French Society for Historical Demography, exemplify a critical and historically sensitive attitude toward the ostensibly neutral domain of medical knowledge.

The essay by Dominique Dessertine and. The second association is an obvious political allusion.’ It is clearly a word to be associated with commerce: one might think of the Chartered Companies which. and John E.

Vectors thirty six aphorisms and ten second essays

one might think of the monopolistic privileges of the East India Company. Poetry.

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"James Richardson's VECTORS is a book of subversive wonders. Stunningly precise, these brilliant aphorisms and ten-second essays show a mind assessing, reassessing, discovering, and interrogating assumptions in ways that feel diamond-sharp, .

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The defendant, Monte Milcray, who is on trial for second-degree murder, admits to the killing but says he was defending himself from being raped. essays and articles along with reviews, short fiction, three novels and a volume of poetry.

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