While technology maybe propagating adultery with

SHARE In the comments to my previous posts on adulteryone recurring theme dealt with "serial" adulterers, people whose behavior shows a pattern of repeated cheating. Everyone experiences affect, and everyone succumbs to it at times, depending on his or her strength of will.

While technology maybe propagating adultery with

Maybe you can see if you can dig these up? It would add more comprehensivity to your answer. And the premise backbiting is worse than Zina is wrong? However, backbiting is a prohibited as well, the Prophet peace be upon him said it is like eating the flesh of your brother. The narration of backbiting is worse than Zina is fabricated.

You should ask the person who said so for further clarification. In a Hadeeth Imam Ali peace be upon him says do not see to the smallness of the sin but do see the greatness of the one you disobey.

In another Hadeeth any relatively small sin that is considered small will become a major sin. Now let me return back to your statement that "I am pretty sure backbiting is common both in the Muslim and non-Muslim worlds" and of course you know people many times hesitate caring or preventing occurance of this and similar sins.

Ignoring disobedience of Allah even if seems to be small is in contradiction with the spirit of Submission toward Allah which is Islam.

Every sin that has a wider social effect will be considered more dangerous. Now consider Zina when is done in private, no one will even know two person had committed the sin.

The sin is very great as its effect is deep in both of those wrongdoers but it is restricted to themselves. But now consider backbiting in a party between several people gathering together. They say something right not even propagating a single scandal about a believer which is absent there, the person cannot defend himself, like a dead person that if is eaten from his meat cannot defend himself.

Rebuilding what has ruined about his honor and respect is not easy and may last until the person's end life.

Next point, if some sin is worse than another we never say the reverse, that the latter is better than the former, they are both bad, on the negative axis, there we have only bad and worse and not also bad and better! These are not considered only one single sin, Zina, but also confessing to their sin which is another sin and a great sin, and even advertising the sin without showing regret.

Such a sin is far greater than Zina when is done in private.

While technology maybe propagating adultery with

Also Zina can lead to a child being born and we are told that there is no benefit in such a child he can earn benefit during his life but no benefit at his birtha terrible situation for the child so that his chance to grow spiritually is lower than a usual person.

This and similar things can make Zina a greater sin. Similarly any sin can be greater or less great according to many situation. For example being regretful or arrogant while doing the sin is not effectless. You see that eating a dead body is Haram but if necessary it will even become Halal as long as the one who eats it will eat only to the extent that is needed for him to survive from the hunger.

So you cannot judge the mere action of eating the dead irrespective of the intention behind the deed. Now if you see different Ahadeeth stating different order you should care for the intention behind them as well, that is the situation around which the Hadeeth has been established.

While technology maybe propagating adultery with

Backbiting being worse than Zina is not any strange, but one might do a Zina which is greater than lots of backbitings, especially if the person find the habit of doing Zina and thus lost any honor and shame in this respect and did the sin with no regret or hesitation.

And Allah knows best.Today we’re going to do something kind of special, I think. Some of the fellows on the staff and the elders suggested that we needed to do just one Sunday on the subject of how to study the Bible. I thought I can see other people as well while I was waiting but I could not wait without losing self respect.

I also could not imagine propagating the ring of dysfunctional relationships. Furthermore, technology has not only presented people with more opportunities to get into trouble, but with more time to do so.

“Overcoming obstacles to survive was often an all-consuming challenge yeas ago,” Wuerth continues. Each video highlights the uniqueness of each country – nature, technology, culture and people. Nothing can grow there (in terms of propagating Christian beliefs). At least, that 1% now enjoys the freedom of religion.

*If you’re familiar with the Christian Bible, Hosea is a prophet with an unfaithful wife. She commits adultery again.

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