Wk3 preparing to conduct business research

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Wk3 preparing to conduct business research

Part One Minimum wage is not just an issue with McDonalds but it stems from a bigger problem of our low wage economy Freedman, The price of living in American continues to grow.

However, the minimum wage has not grown at the same speed.

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This research will hopefully start a movement and bring this issue to the forefront across the United States. If McDonalds set a Wk3 preparing to conduct business research minimum wage requirement for franchisee owners, perhaps it will be a step towards the realignment of the corporate pay structure for other organizations.

This research is imperative to correct the growing issue of the increasing number of Americans in the lower class.

Why do McDonalds employees want an increase in minimum wage? Should McDonalds wait until the federal government has raised the federal minimum wage before taking action? Is there an alternative that will make the employees happy, other than raising wages?

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Minimum wage is not just an issue with McDonalds but it stems from a bigger problem of our low wage economy Freedman, The minimum wage issue is not one-dimensional therefore the solution is not one-dimensional either.

Dimensions refer to the height, length, width, scope, and magnitude of a problem or issue. In the case of McDonalds minimum wage woes, the employees are a part of a much larger group, the Americans who fall below the poverty line as defined by economic experts. The middle class is quickly becoming obsolete as wages stay the same and prices increase.

Raising minimum wage will bring closer the impoverished to the middle class however implementing this plan may prove difficult. Although his salary seems ridiculous in comparison, the McDonalds corporation may not be solely responsible for this injustice. McDonalds is a parent company with thousands of franchise stores owned and operated by individual proprietors.

These proprietors are responsible for maintaining the McDonalds image, through mandatory upgrades, but they are also responsible for all operating expenses including payroll Freedman, The Corporation charges franchise fees but is not responsible for the cost of day-to-day operations decreasing costs and increasing net wages for the company leaving the liability on the franchise not the corporation.

This makes fixing the minimum wage issue complicated. Most franchises are operating at cost or above leaving little room for increased wages and benefits. Without corporate intervention increased wages and benefits could lead to the demise of struggling franchises putting more employees out of work.

An answer must address both sides of the issue to eliminate the risk of making matters worse. Resolving the McDonalds minimum wage issue involves is significant to the movement of decreasing the gap between the upper class and lower class.

However the magnitude of the problem and the scope of society it affects make it a serious undertaking with many small battles to overcome before ultimately winning the war.

Multiple studies have been done to assess the effect that minimum wage will have on the fast food industry. These studies revolve around the impact of a raise on the unemployment rate.

The raise in minimum wage will have controversial implications on the labor market. To what extent nobody knows. Studies show that within states with higher minimum wage labor markets did not perform as well as states with a lower minimum wage. Variables besides minimum wage include the measure of education, states with a higher population of educated individuals will likely have a more skilled workforce Gitis, The raising of minimum wage will have a ripple effect across the employment field.

Factors to take into account of raising minimum wage in fast food industries which are usually people employed without higher education is how will it impact the salaries of corporations with graduate employees.

There are college graduates that make just a little bit more than that. Traditionally one gets the job and the salary that they are educated for. There is no requirement for higher education in the fast food industry. Ways the labor market can respond to an increase in minimum wage are, employers can cut back on benefits and training hours, cut wages for higher paid employees, raise their prices, settle for less profit, becoming more efficient, and voluntarily working harder.

Business could actually save money from raising minimum wage due to less employee turnover Plumer, Everyones budget is tight.Preparing to conduct Business Research 4 Veronica Davis Leslie Franklin Kathy Santiago University of Phoenix Business Research RES/ Philip Ingraham January 3, Introduction This paper will address the following questions as it pertains to data analysis approach and quantitative and qualitative result reporting for BP.

View RES_WK3_LT-B_Preparing to Conduct Business Research from RES at Strayer University. 1 Preparing to Conduct Business Research (Part 2) Learning Team B RES/ July 20, Evaristo Medina.

Wk3 preparing to conduct business research

Preparing to Conduct Business Research Part 1 Team A RES/ February 24, Sara Skowronski Preparing to Conduct Business Research Part 1 The purpose of business research is to allow a business to set itself apart from its competitors by gathering as much information on the industry that it can and utilizing that data to create unique methodologies and business practices.

Also, business research is a constant endeavor. Technologies change, as do customer tastes. Therefore, it is important to conduct business research throughout the year.

Preparing to Conduct Business Research: Part 3. Build on the work you conducted in Preparing to Conduct Business. Research: Parts Discuss whether your business problem could primarily be. In preparing to conduct a business research this paper will attempt to determine the most appropriate research design for the issues involving “Arnold’s Wrecking Yard.” The issue involves businesspeople doing underhanded, dishonest, and unethical business.

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